Thursday, 11 July 2013

How to choose a good driving school.

11/7/13. Choosing a good driving school can be somewhat of a hit and miss experience.You will find yourself bombarded with adverts everywhere claiming that they are the holy grail of driving schools.So how do we distinguish the good from the not so good?How do we make sure we are not handing out our hard earned cash to be met with disappointment?So here are some ideas to ponder.
.What are the reviews and comments about this driving school?A great source to find this info which cannot be falsified is as each student has their own individual account so it would be impossible to hack into every account and write a fictitious review.Websites as a general rule are flooded with reviews that,s let say dodgy at best .Pupils generally don,t post big long reviews but pop up between one to three sentences about their experience with the driving school.
.Recommendations are good,in fact probably the best way to get a good driving school.Ask friends /family members who they done their driving lessons with and would they recommend them.
.Be very careful if price is your only concern when booking driving lessons.As there are driving schools especially targeting the cheaper end of the market and supplying lesson quality to suit.Ask yourself what is the market average and question why prices maybe higher or lower and ask the school to give examples of how they justify their price.Remember you get what you pay for.
Biggest is not always best.Alot of individual private driving instructors operate on a reputation only basis and for this they need to consistently supply top quality driving lessons .Your will also get the same instructor throughout your lessons and not get chopped and changed .They generally can,t compete with the bigger schools when it comes to advertising revenue so have to rely on the quality service they provide.However the bigger driving schools will have more flexibility for suiting your time schedule.
An finally is my driving instructor on the road safety authority register? this applies to the Irish market only.
We wish you well in your search to find a good driving instructor an hope some of these points help in your quest.
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