Friday, 19 July 2013

A guide to each of the four driving test centres in Dublin. We have taken each of Dublin's driving testing areas and given a comprehensive guide when booking driving lessons in that area.We give maps to the test centre including a picture of the road safety authority building and enlist waiting times for a driving test appointment and the pass percentages at each of the test centres and then our driving test pass rate .Gallery and reviews . We also supply a test car on the day of which we have made a video to display exactly what it is that you get.Car video We have detailed all the pitfalls on the driving test routes and given a brief description of the difficulty level .For the pupil who is not sure what driving lessons are for them check out our flow chart that will point you in the right direction.We trust this new page to our website will give our customers all the assistance they will need when choosing were they want to sit their driving test and pass first time.
For any further enquiries please call our team of dedicated driving professionals at 01 4061925.

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