Thursday, 4 April 2013

New road safety strategy launched

Minister for transport Leo Varadkar has just launched a new road safety strategy which aims to combat the road deaths and serious injuries on our roads.We are looking to close the gap between ourselves and other best practice countries between 2013-2020.The new strategy sets a specific target for 2020 to reduce the number of road deaths to 124 a year.As the number of road deaths has risen somewhat on last year it is a stark reminder to us all that we cannot become complacent where road safety is concerned.Some key measures in this strategy will include,
.Alcolocks to immobilise vehicles if drivers are over the limit,rehabilitative/driving awareness courses for repeat offenders will be considered.
.Consideration will be given to extending the safety camera network to offences other than speeding.
.Measures to combat car clocking.
.In vehicle devices to sense tiredness .
.Employers will be encouraged to implement a handbrake lock for phone use by professional drivers.
.Regular audits an updating of road markings,signage,an safety blackspots.
.Fixed charged notices for cyclists.
.Some added service areas on motorways to combat tiredness.
.Breakdown kits will be made compulsory.

It is clearly on the shoulders of everyone to keep our roads safe weather your on 2 wheels, 4 wheels, 18 wheels,  cyclist,pedestrian or otherwise.It is something we must all unite in to achieve our goals.

David mcdonnell lead educator and director of driver training at Learn To Drive Dublin.

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