Thursday, 25 April 2013

Learning to follow the correct procedure at roundabouts.

I'm sure we will all agree that following correct procedure at roundabouts is something that can cause great confusion to not only the learner driver but experienced drivers as well.As roundabouts are becoming more popular ,they seem to be springing up almost everywhere.  It is vitally important that we understand the correct discipline for signal use ,approach ,through and exit lanes ,and yielding issues as well as ensuring a high standard of vigilance throughout.Drivers that signal incorrectly or fail to signal at all  can cause great frustration to the drivers who do follow the rules of the road and ensure that they use correct signals at each and every roundabout.By using incorrect or untimely signals we actually slow the whole process down as other have to wait until the very last second to try and determine what  we are doing.Following the correct approach lane is vital as by doing so ensures that we will not be cutting across another drivers path and causing them to take emergency actions for our bad position.You should decide as early as possible which exit you  intend taking and take up correct position accordingly.When you reach the roundabout pay attention to vehicles already on the roundabout and try to judge where they plan to exit.Make sure to follow your lane correctly through the roundabout observing and signals correctly to a safe exit. just released a video on dealing with roundabouts and it covers some of Dublin's most infamous including the Walkinstown,Liffey Valley and Spawell roundabouts to name but a few.If we all could just simply take the time to read the rules of the road or look at not only could we create a safer system at roundabouts but reduce the annoyance we cause to the driver who puts road safety at the forefront of their everyday approach to driving.25/04/2013.David mcDonnell director of driving instructor training at Learn 2 drive.

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