Thursday, 14 February 2013

How to check if your driving instructor is approved by the RSA

How to check if your driving instructor is approved by the RSA
If you thinking about taking driving lessons in Dublin or anywhere in Ireland, you will need to check if your driving school or driving instructor are registered by the RSA. If you are taking EDT driving  lessons you will need to have a RSA ADI (approved driving instructor) provide the driving lessons. If your current driving instructor is not an ADI then you will not be able to take your practical driving test until you complete your EDT driving lessons with a Registered ADI

How do I check the ADI Register?
This is very easy, all you need do is click the link here and insert the your driving instructor number, your driving instructor is required to display his number in his car or on his person at all times while conducting a driving lesson. If your driver does not have a ADI number then he or she is not a registered approved driving instructor and is not able to provide EDT Driving lessons

Here is an example of an ADI number 

David Mcdonnell

Learn 2 drive can provide all your EDT and Pre test lessons needs in north or south Dublin.  All learn 2 drive instructors are fully registered ADIs and compliant with all RSA procedures and requirements, should you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact David McDonnell or the learn 2 drive Dublin office on 01 406 1925 or visit  

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