Friday, 1 February 2013

Changes to the RSA EDT Logbook System

From Friday 01/02/2013 the RSA will introduce a change to the stamping system in the EDT logbook, where the RSA testers will no longer be checking the stamps in the back of the EDT logbook.

So what does this mean for Learner Drivers in Dublin?

The introduced changes means that a student will not be issued with a RSA practical driving test date until your ADI(driving instructor)  has uploaded your completed EDT logbook to the RSA website.

This only effects those who were issued with a learner permit after 04/11/2011

Should you have any quires about EDT logbooks and test procedures please feel free to contact David McDonnell at for any information on the above or anything else relating to EDT driving lessons in Dublin. 

David McDonnell
Driving Instructor based in Dublin
01 406 1925

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