Thursday, 6 June 2013

Common mistakes in the driving test.

One of the key areas in been successful in your driving test is the time an effort you put in to the preparation.Some driving test candidates expect to get good results arriving the day of the test or the day before to do ,and I quote...A quick pretest or I just need a few pointers my driving fine.The fact is driving tests are no different than any other test you do.You will get out exactly what you put in.Try to give yourself at least 2 -4 weeks preparation time to allow for learning new techniques and changing any bad driving practices(bad habits)that you may have .Your driving style should look seem-less and not forced.Also when you do a training course it gives you the experience of driving while been under the watchful eye of a trained professional.Make sure that the vehicle you choose to do the driving test has current road tax ,insurance and nct if applicable and that you arrive with your learner permit.A further note on insurance,(you must be named on the policy). can supply pre test driving lessons leading up to your test  and driving test car hire on the day of your driving test.Further to this preparation list I've compiled a short list of faults that occur commonly on the test itself.
.Lack of observation moving off,at junctions,changing lane and roundabouts.
.Failure to react in good time to hazards.
Not using mirrors in good time .
.Not maintaining correct speed for varying situations.
.Incorrect positioning when turning left/right/on the straight and on roundabouts.
.Showing poor observation when conducting manouevres. 

Should you need further advise on preparing for your driving test just call 014061925 an speak to one of our team of driving instructors .

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