Friday, 10 May 2013

What is the key areas when reversing around a corner in your driving test.

http://learntodrivedublin.ieFirstly I'd like to point out that reversing around a corner is not as difficult a task as most people make out.One of the mistakes I see is a pupil trying to keep way to close to the kerb and in doing so neglect their all round awareness because their too busy looking in their left wing mirror.Taking the three areas in the driving test in order that they are on the driving test report sheet.
1)competency.This is your ability to keep the vehicle under full control by proper of the clutch,brake,accelerator,steering and handbrake as necessary.You should also be able to make adequate progress.You should not hit or mount the kerb or swing wildly into the road your reversing.
2)Observation.You should be able to display a high standard of all round observation looking in all directions  .A driver tester does not want to see a pupil just looking in the left hand wing mirror.360 degree view is vital.Our video on how to reverse around a corner covers all aspects of covering this manoeuvre in detail.
3)Yielding right of way.Should any other road user approach while your are reversing you should stop immediately.Causing another road user to slow or stop for your actions is not only bad driving practice but may lead to a driving test fail.
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